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Ellyse stars in global Adidas World Cup Campaign

Using the world's greatest moment in sport as the backdrop - Adidas has unveiled Australia's Ellyse Perry in its latest global campaign, Creativity is The Answer.

Adidas re-engineered the traditional campaign model through personal storytelling, bringing together 56 of the world's most influential Creators across Sport Culture, including Ellyse, Leo Messi, Caroline Wozniacki, Pharrell Williams, Aaron Judge and Justin Turner.  

Adidas believes in the power of an athlete's imagination and using creativity to make a difference in their game, life and world. In the campaign, Adidas aims to inspire Creators across sport culture to be courageous, unexpected and to shape their own reality.

In the campaign, viewers are escorted through the backstage for a show like no other. Creators from across sport culture appear gearing up for their unique feats of creativity. José Mourinho directs the backstage, ushering Ellyse, Luis Suarez, Von Miller, Gabriel Jesus, Karlie Kloss and more to the stage. As the show begins, the master of ceremony A$AP Ferg delivers the words that lead viewers through a showcase of creativity.

Football icon Paul Pogba is surrounded by athletes who are inspired by his every move and put their own spin on things, spreading a wave of creativity and unveiling the Predator Tango 18+ Street. From there, you see two Adidas Tango squads playing five-a-side, where Caitlyn Schrepfer, renowned freestyle footballer, uses her creativity to go from the streets to stardom alongside Mo Salah and Deli Ali.

Next up, Javier Hernandez, Mesut Ozil and Lindsey Horan show how sport unites people from all backgrounds, beliefs or gender.

In the last act, we see legend Leo Messi, inspiring viewers to throw out the script and make their own rules. The film closes with Pharrell passing the mic to the viewer, a call to all to create the answer!


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