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Ellyse launches new cricket range, STAPLE.

Ellyse has launched her own cricket range in a bid to make cricket equipment accessible to everyone wanting to play the game.

Ellyse’s new cricket range has been developed in partnership with Sydney based cricket equipment manufacturer, JPGavan.

Ellyse said on the STAPLE range release:

“I’m really stoked to have partnered with JPGavan to develop STAPLE.
STAPLE offers cricket gear that will hopefully be more accessible, streamlined and cool for everyone to use - from juniors all the way through to adults.
There was a space there that cricket gear hadn’t considered everyone playing the still see professional female players looping straps over their pads and thigh pads that fall down.
There’s been so much research and tech sporting equipment that has been designed with mainly male athletes in mind, it was my aim to help close this gap.
But this range was about making gear accessible to all, including boys and girls, men and women.”

There are three models of equipment within the STAPLE range, including Lofberg (junior range), Oakhill (youth range) and St Ives (adult range) - all are a personal nod toEllyse’s journey through cricket from where she first learnt to hit a ball at Loftber, through to her junior club Oakhill, and the nets at St Ives where she still goes to have a hit with her dad and brother.

You can pre-order your Staple x Ellyse Perry cricket gear now from the JPGavan website.


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